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KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah West Coast Energy Commission (STPBNS) called on the community to be sensitive and aware of the importance of electrical safety.

Its Acting Director Ahmad Azran Mualap said the commission has a major role to regulate safety including protecting the public from harm when using electricity.

“Every time we use electricity, we are actually exposed to the risk of danger. It is important for all of us to take this matter seriously and monitor all electricity consumption activities, regardless of low-voltage domestic use or high-voltage outdoor use.

“Both of these situations require us to be careful, alert, not careless in using electricity as well as check and remind each other of what can and can’t be done,” he said during a seminar, jointly organised with the Energy Commission of Sabah (ECoS) and attended by more than 40 staff from the Sewerage Service Department and Irrigation and Drainage Department, here, Wednesday.

Ahmad said the seminar was organised to raise civil servants’ awareness about electrical safety. 

“We want them to be aware of the need to comply with the Electricity Supply Act 1990 and the Electricity Regulations 1994.

“We want to avoid any risk of unwanted incidents happening because the risk of accidents caused by negligent use of electricity can claim lives. 

“We must always warn everyone and remind them that electricity use must be abided by specifications and regulations.

“During electricity use, users need to ensure that the source of electricity, wires, main switch, power supply plug and hardware used are suitable, approved by Sirim and certified as safe,” he added.

He added that the Energy Commission would always educate the public about the importance of ensuring safe electrical wiring.

“Electrical wiring work must be done by parties who are certified and knowledgeable about it,” he said.