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The letter "N" is depicted as a lightning bolt, illustrating the importance of electricity as a primary source of energy for industrial, commercial, and domestic activities in Sabah.

The flame-shaped symbol is a commonly used representation of Natural Gas, one of the various energy sources available in Sabah, with colours inspired by the flag of Sabah.

In the word "ENERGY", the dominant green colour represents Green/Renewable Energy, which is a source of energy that is clean and sustainable, thereby benefiting current and future generations.

The word "ENERGY" that sits on top of the horizontal line emphasizes the importance of energy for stimulating the economy and competitive markets in Sabah in an environmentally sustainable manner, whilst also safeguarding public interest with a safe, secure, reliable and affordable energy supply.

The Energy Commission of Sabah (ECoS) prohibits the use of the ECoS logo by other parties, unless with written consent from ECoS.