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The Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic System For Self Consumption Programme In Sabah (SELCO – PV SABAH) is a programme initiated by Energy Commission of Sabah (ECoS) to allow consumers in Sabah to install solar PV system in their own premise via Self-consumption method. Self-consumption method is an indirect connection to the utility’s system, where the solar PV system is connected within the owner’s internal distribution board only. In SELCO - PV SABAH systems, the generated electricity is consumed on-site without exporting any excess energy to the grid.


By participating in this programme, consumers are able to generate their own electricity which in turn will lower their electricity bills from the utility, making them more self-reliant. Other than that, by installing Solar PV system at their own premise, they are promoting the use of clean energy which helps in reducing the use of fossil fuels which in turn helps in reducing global warming emissions.