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Energy Commission Of Sabah (ECoS) Is The Regulator For Energy (Electricity Supply, Renewable Energy and Gas Supply (Onshore)) In Sabah

With effect from 3rd January 2024Energy Commission of Sabah (ECoS) is the regulator for Electricity Supply which includes Renewable Energy in Sabah (in addition to the onshore Gas Supply since 10th January 2023) under the Energy Commission of Sabah Enactment (Amendment) 2024. It has now fully taken over the role from Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) Malaysia for Electricity and Gas Supply (onshore); as well as from Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) for Renewable Energy. ECoS is a state statutory body under the Chief Minister’s Department which was formed on the 10th January 2023. 

With the formation of ECoS, all existing electricity and gas licensees as well as contractors, competent persons and related equipment registrations that are currently licensed and registered under ST and also Feed-in Approval Holders (FiAHs) under SEDA will be regulated under ECoS. However, the licences and certificates will still be valid and enforceable under the new Electricity Supply Enactment 2024 Section 111 and/or Renewable Energy Enactment 2024 Section 66, or until these are revoked, after which new registration can be made under ECoS via our ECoS Online System (click to enter system). However, all payment of license fees and registration fees (such as annual license or registration fees) must now be made to ECoS.

For further information, please email to or contact us via telephone no./WhatsApp no.: +6088 205 574.